R/V Atlantis

WHOI: Atlantis

Wikipedia: Atlantis

Built: 1997
Length: 274 feet
Draft: 19 feet (5.8 m)
Displacement: 3,510 LT
Range: 17,280 NM
Laboratories: 3,517 sq. feet
Speeds: 11.0 knots cruising
Alvin Conversion: 1997
Beam: 52.5 feet
Gross Tons: 3,200 T
Crew – 22
Scientists – 24
DSOG – 12
SSSG Techs – 2Endurance: 60 days
Fuel Capacity: 267,540 gallons
Propulsion: Diesel-electric, azimuthing stern thrusters
Bow Thruster: Azimuthing jet 1,180 SHP
Ship Service Generators: Three 715 kw 600 VAC
Portable Van Space: At least six 20 ft. vans
Traction – 30,000′ .68″ EM or 9/16″ wire
Hydro – 33,000′ 3-cond. EM or 1/4″ wire
Heavy Equipment:
Cranes – two @ 42,000 lbs. cap.
HIAB cranes (2)
Midships hydro boom
Sewage System: Envirovac flushing system
Ownership: Title held by U.S. Navy; operated under charter agreement with Office of Naval Research
Other Features: Dynamic positioning system, ROV and submersible hangars, fully equipped machine shop, two rigid-hull inflatable rescue/work boats

specifications courtesy of WHOI



Ship Name: Oshoro Maru (Japan) US NODC Code: 49OS Ministry of Education

Contact: Dr. Takahisa Kimura
Operator: Faculty of Fisheries, Hokkaido University
3-1-1 Minato Cho
Hakodate-Shi,Hokkaid 041 Japan
Phone: 0138 41-0131
Fax: 0138-43-5015

Length (M): 72.85 Range (n. mi.): 15000 Crew: 27
Beam (M): 12.60 Endurance (days): 50 Officers: 13
Draft (M): 5.00 Cruise speed (kt): 12.5 Scientists: 66
Gross Tons: 1383 Max. speed (kt): 14.4 Air Cond.: yes
Power (HP): 3200 Aux. Power (HP):

Main vessel activity
Oceanography Fisheries
Year built: 83
Ocean area where vessel operates: Pacific, Northeast; Pacific, Northwest; Indian Ocean, Eastern
Capacities and working spaces
Dry cargo holds: 0m3
Fuel: 510m3
Fresh water: 363m3
Wet laboratories (total area): 80m2
Dry laboratories (total area): 27m2
Fresh water generator capacity: 11m3
Freeboard to working deck: 5.7m
Free working deck area: 99m2
Space for container laboratory: 1m x 3m
Design Particulars
Hull materials: Steel
Energy sources
Main engine(s): number: 1 make: Diesel model:
Power (BHP) each main engine: 3200 at 240rpm
Diameter and max. rpm propeller: 3.000m 240rpm
Total power auxiliary diesels: 0HP
Electrical systems
AC Voltage: 450/ 100V, total 1350kVA, 3phase, 60Hz
AC Voltage: 0/ 0V, total 0kVA, 0phase, 0Hz
DC Voltage: 24V, total 162V
Stabilized system for scientific equipment: 100VAC 240AMP 60Hz
Fixed equipment
Navigation and communication
Nav. equip: Radar Loran Decca SatNav Gyro EMLog DopLog
Comms: Fax SatCom
Comm sat:
Echosounders for scientific research: 24kHz 75kHz
Sonar: Fisheries
Provisions for silent ship operation: Silent Ship
Oceanographic winches: number: 2
Steel wire length: 4000m, safe working load: 1tons
Conducting cable length: 1000m, safe working load: 1tons
Trawl winch length: 3000m, safe working load: 3tons
Other, specify:
length: 0m, safe working load: 0tons
Clearance above deck: 0m and outboard extension: 0m
Safe working load at max. reach: 0tons
Position: Stern
Clearance above deck: 8m and outboard extension: 6m
Safe working load at max. reach: 1tons
Other winches for instruments or sampling:


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