I’m going to be working aboard the R/V Atlantis for three weeks (from Jun 25th to July 24th). Here are some details for the curious.

The Atlantis (Wikipedia) (WHOI)is 273 ft long, and is operated by the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute. Its the second Atlantis, and it shares its namesake, with the space shuttle Atlantis, which was named after the same research sailboat. It serves as the platform for the famous Alvin minisub (Wikipedia). You see, you can’t just toss a minisub on any boat you like, you need a lot of support equipment. The Atlantis has a housing bay designed for supporting the Alvin vehicle. On our cruise, however, we will not be needing Alvin, and so its not coming. We will be working at the bottom of the ocean, though, and for that we’re brining Jason II, a deep sea robot (Wikipedia) (WHOI). I’ll try to post a summary of what we’re doing shortly. In the meantime, feel free to click around those links, there should be plenty to keep all of you entertained. And by “all of you”, I mean my mother and possibly one other person.